We are preparing for the future. 


Our learners are preparing for roles that don't yet exist. But how does one prepare for such a role?

We at Yindyamara emphasize forward thinking, adaptability, and creativity. We focus on developmental goals rooted in cognitive, physical, social, emotional, and creativity in order to prime our learners for maximum engagement, intrinsic motivation, and mastery. 
But what does that mean? In brief, we get to know our learners and adapt our approach in order to maximise their natural love and motivation to learn. Young humans are naturally curious, we both enable and celebrate it!



By focusing on what engages and drives each learner toward mastery we quickly adapt our curriculum to each individual.

Learners can work more steadily in areas they are yet to gain confidence; and be adequately challenged in those they already feel comfortable.

By offering our learners autonomy they are able to feel more instrumental in their learning path, it's direction, and outcome. 

Progress Tracking

We know how important it is for parents and caregivers  to be partners with the people you are entrusting to help foster your learners educational career. Upon enrolment you will be given an individual online account and personal login so that you can keep on top of what they are working on, how they are doing, and act as a coach and advocat for your learner.



Fostering a lifelong love for learning 

Woven into our robust academic curriculum is an emphasis on emotional and social intelligence while favoring a format which enhances love for learning. A positive relationship which fosters resilience and academic buoyancy (bouncing back stronger from failure ).


Our learning space

We believe the quality of the location, building and maintenance materials used in the construction and care of our space plays yet another role in providing a healthy learning environment.

Materials selected in our build as well as cleaning products, and consumables are conscientiously selected and scrutinized before becoming apart of our space.

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Our goals for our learners

By scaffolding self direction and self-regulation a strong foundation and quest for knowledge is the underlying goal in every learning experience. This foundation coupled with critical evaluation and early skills in research, we aim to equip our learners to be prepared for roles that require them to think outside the box.