Sponsor a Campaign

Now you have a chance to make a difference to our world by improving the educational options available to our future generations. 

There are many ways you can help and see your contribution in action!

Make a general donation to the school at large. This will go towards further research, innovation, and development of Yindyamara UPschool.

We know that we would not be able to help our learners blossom without the support of our community. It is with humble thanks we gratefully accept your assistance.






Improve our environment


We are continuously working on new projects to improve the environment our learners work in every day. For example, our edible garden beds, mini-house build, learner-designed and constructed play equipment, and school building maintenance.

Add to our materials


:) Materials: Our learners are enthusiastic about getting their hands dirty! We prefer to buy high quality items with open-ended possibilities to enrich our immersion learning curriculum. For example, a 3D printer and supplies, industrial sewing machine, workshop tools, and equipment to name a few. If you would like to donate or buy a specific item please contact us to discuss.


Sponsor a student


We would like to offer our high quality learning to everyone. Yindyamara maintains a waiting list for those who are enthusiastic about our model but the fees for such resources are out of reach. Please help us extend our offerings to those we know would benefit, and in turn invest in our own future.

Sponsor our events / community initiatives


Yindyamara prides itself on being a part of our community and continuing the circle of support. We continue to run events and information nights to support our community and would appreciate your monetary or material support so that we may reach out as far as possible.