Time for change


Conscious and accountable

We are a dedicated, socially, and environmentally conscious learning community offering individualized learning plans as an alternative education model to our future-conscious citizens, leaders, and their families. We immerse ourselves in our community, promote mutual respect between our learners and practiced learners (PLs or ‘Practiced Learners’ aka "Teachers" in traditional classrooms), and work hard to build and maintain an engaged learning environment for both our Learners and Practiced Learners.
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In this poignant, funny follow-up to his fabled 2006 talk, Sir Ken Robinson makes the case for a radical shift from standardized schools to personalized learning - creating conditions where kids' natural talents can flourish.


Who's in?

Ages:   5-13 (Group learning according to individual learning goals rather than age or grade- roughly: 5 - 7, 8-10, 11-13) 
Locations:   Colorado - Lakewood/Englewood Area. We will temporarily use Highlands Ranch as our base while we are in the process of finalizing details on our new campus in the Lakewood/Englewood Area, however in order to make our unique school accessible to those all over Denver we provide transport from pickup locations in North, South, East and West Denver. Please contact us to learn more. 
Ratio:   Direct instruction 1:1, Free Exploration 1:10
Learning Hours:   9am-2pm, with extracurricular activities from 2-5pm Mon - Thurs, Fri = Free Learning Friday (Optional offerings - Please ask about these on your tour!)
Office Hours:   8.30am-5.30pm Monday - Friday; Please schedule an appointment if you query is likely to be more than 5 mins so we can give you our undivided attention.
Enrollment Options: 2, 3, 4, & 5 day Options. Morning / Afternoon options also available on a limited basis. Please call to discuss associated costs.
Tuition:   $4,051 - $15,005 per year. Various options as noted above. Please do not feel excluded! Scholarships, Payment plans, and Fee subsidy offered (please contact us to discuss your options)
Tours:   We'd love to meet you! Please contact us so we can connect and show you what we're all about!
Admissions  Process:   We offer an initial phone call for questions, tour of our learning space, trial day, and increased care settling in period. Please check if we have any upcoming events as we would love for you to participate!
School Calendar:   We follow our own calendar which runs similarly to Denver County Schools.
Parent Participation:   We encourage participation in our school in the form of activity assistance, ground maintenance, food preparation, administration and fundraising. Please contact us to learn more.


We'd love to meet you! Please contact us so we can connect. 
We offer an initial phone call for questions, tour of our learning space, trial day, and increased care settling in period.
School Calendar: We follow our own calendar similar to Denver County Schools.

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Up and above

Included in addition to our Unique & Personalized Approach:
- Organic lunch program & Nutritional education
- Transport to and from school and activities
- Expert practitioners for extracurricular activities
- Scholarships and fee subsidy

What we offer:

Academics (As offered by traditional schools but in a different format):
- Science
- Math
- Literacy
- Technology
- Engineering 

E.g. We teach foundational and advanced numeracy and literacy both directly and indirectly through hands on activities selected by the learner or introduced in a fun manner by the PL.

Extra-Curricula Activities (One-on-one learning)
- Health & Wellbeing
- Social skills
- Sports skills
- Chess
- Art
- Cooking
- Outdoor skills
- Survival skills
- Living in Paleolithic Area
- Piano (as a gateway to other instruments)
- Debating
- Sewing
- History
- Geography
- Coding
- Robotics
- Photography
- Dancing
- Martial Arts
- First Aid
- Regular field trips
- Test experience
- Many more, please send us your suggestions!

Open-Ended / Free / Unstructured learning and exploration in both outdoors and indoors.

Research has revealed what many of us have suspected all along.. Humans, like other animals, are natural born learners. We too have found that by getting out of their way, and merely scaffolding or extending on their findings and hypotheses, we nurture innate curiosity and a natural need for information.

We further amplify these learning opportunities by offering undirected and intentional play both indoors and outdoors. While we have access to rich tools inside our walls, endless opportunity for learning and risk taking lies beyond them. 

We encourage safe risk-taking behaviour so that our learners may develop the skills necessary to handle such situations and to prepare them for adveristy and challenges they are likely to encounter at some point in both professional and personal life. We offer support and mediation where necessary but allow for lessons to play out with little intervention. This is an important part of our program, and one that has profound effects on the core of our learners.






The state of our health has a profound impact on our long term life trajectory. Most interestingly, our ability to learn (attend, store, and retrieve, new information) is directly and significantly effected by the food we eat (or don't eat).

With this in mind we aim to offer organic, nutritious,  and allergy free meals (breakfast, morning snack, lunch and afternoon snack) for the duration our learners are with us as well as offer education and strategies to continue these habits at home.

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We think it's important to have adequate space and and an enriched learning environment in which to optimally learn and grow away from the city limits. 
Learners are transported by caregivers to one of three locations in and around Denver where they are brought to our learning space or swept out to expert learning establishments, or for field exploration. Advance knowledge and permission is always sort from guardians before such trips.

Yindyamara would not be complete without the involvement of each learner's inner circle, and greater community circle. 
We offer endless opportunities for loved ones to participate. Some examples include: 
- Parent / Caregiver workshops
- Social events
- Classroom Assistance & Participation 3 x per year with 'take homes'
- Working Bees
- Community initiatives
- Learner Honor Ceremonies
- Field Trip Participation

 We always welcome new ideas and suggestions, so please don’t hesitate to contact us with more.

What do we discourage or limit?:

- Standardized testing: Research has shown that standardized testing is not only limited in its ability to show accurate learner skill levels they can also be detrimental towards a learners attitude, mental health, and well being; as well as reduce the scope of learning opportunities. As a result we have conscientiously pursued other means of progress tracking and test readiness.

- Labeling: We avoid labels on our learners within our learning sphere. By labeling our learners we limit the scope of the learning to that label. If we call them 'Advanced' we limit their ability to fail, if we call them 'challenged' we reduce their potential to prove otherwise. While labeling behavior can be beneficial we are careful not to overuse or misdirect such labels should it become detrimental and unhelpful.

- Bullying aka 'misdirected sadness and / or pain': 'Bullying' often stems from deep seated pain and thus participants will receive extra attention in order to identify the underlying root(s) of the difficulty).