Practice like you've never won, and try like you've never lost


Our "teachers" aka PL's

What is a 'PL'?

PL's are 'Practiced Learners': As the title implies our PL's have previously learned and practiced the information they are imparting but the name is deliberately unassuming to emphasize that there is no upper status in learning as the only thing necessary for a learners to become 'practiced' is to do just that -practice. 

Director / Principle PL

Sarah Howard developed love for learning as a child. She vowed never to turn away from any lesson whether she felt she had a need for it or not. This early openness for learning coupled with her adoration for children and fascination with the way the learn drew her to helping both young and old discover their own love for learning.

It wasn't until Sarah had begun climbing the corporate ladder that she realised her love for learning was a calling, rather than only a passion. This discovery lead her to pursue a degree at the prestigious Sydney University in Australia, majoring in Psychology and Linguistics; and later with a Master of Educational Psychology (graduating with Merit).

Her experience working with youth from 0-21 in childcare centres, tutoring, advanced education coaching, counselling, special needs, ABA, neurotherapy, youth programs and many learning intervention programs spans 20 years.

During her university career Sarah researched and wrote many papers on learning development programs identifying key markers on what works and what doesn't. But most importantly, when it does work, how it works, and when it sticks.

Sarah is familiar with popular and less known alternative models such as Montessori, Reggio Emilia, Waldorf Sudbury, Forest Schools, Homeschooling, Unschooling, Expeditionary schools, university-model, experiential, playbased, PBL and traditional schools.  She has personally observed many variations of schools supporting one or many of these models and has put together a fluid model which draws on the strengths of what they have to offer.

These skills coupled with her love for learners with fewer "practice" years on this earth make her an ideal partner in your learners education.

In her spare time Sarah enjoys spending time with her husband and young family, laughing with her treasured friends, volunteering with CASA (The National Court Appointed Special Advocate Association for abused and neglected children), deepening her knowledge of how Nutrition effects Learning from a Neurological perspective; and how discoveries in astrophysics identify optimal patterns of behavior in humans.



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Want to join our team?

Our team of PL's (Previous Learners), [meaning they have previously learned the information they are teaching but is deliberately unassuming to emphasize that there is no status in learning] are a fun, warm, and eclectic bunch who are awesome to work with. 

We are always looking for new, enthusiastic individuals to join our team. Please send an email with your relevant experience here.




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NuSchool welcomes volunteers to further enrich our learning community.  Would you like to teach a class? Lead the class in a group project? Donate your time or expertise? Click here to fill out our online appliacation.

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